The chatbot that understands the products and services you sell

Improve Customer Service

intellibot™ provides instant assistance to your customers and clients, accurately addressing their questions and concerns, which results in vastly improved customer satisfaction.

Generate Leads

intellibot™ can be programmed to gather information from prospects and push them into automated marketing funnels, placing your lead generation on auto-pilot.

Personalised Experience

intellibot™ can be fine-tuned to deliver a personalised experience by learning from past interactions and tailoring responses to provide the most relevant information.

Increase Efficiency

intellibot™ can handle multiple conversations simultaneously. This allows your team to serve more people in less time, increasing organisational efficiency.

Grow Sales

intellibot™ can be trained to lead prospects straight to your sales pages and assist them throughout the buying process. It’s like having a salesperson on your website!

Analytics & Insights

intellibot™ stores every customer interaction. That provides an opportunity for you to analyse data and obtain valuable insights into client and customer behaviour.

Save Money

By automating repetitive tasks and handling basic inquiries, intellibot™ helps reduce the need for additional customer service personnel, creating tangible cost savings.


Extend Availability

Unlike human employees, intellibot™ is available 24/7, allowing you to provide support and assistance to prospects and clients outside of regular business hours.

Competitive Advantage

intellibot™ sets you apart from your competitors and positions your business or organisation as an innovative and technologically advanced solution.


designed to serve a wide variety of use cases

The unique architecture of intellibot™ allows your chatbots to exploit and unify a wide variety of big-tech APIs and deploy their power on your website. intellibot™ uses an offsite vector database to store and scientifically retrieve carefully embedded information about your business or organisation, then uses large language model AI to provide helpful answers about the products and services you provide.





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