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frequently asked questions

Got questions? Read this FAQ or ask intellibot™. intellibot™ Prodigy is “page aware” and can tell you everything you need to know about our pricing model. If you prefer to read or appreciate more in-depth information you can visit our comprehensive FAQ page.

How do I know which ™ package to choose?

The following general rules can help you to choose the right intellibot™ package.

intellibot™ Warrior

intellibot™ Warrior is best for organisations that want to generate more enquiries or sales. This bot is not directly AI-powered, instead, it is designed to lead visitors toward a pre-determined goal, such as providing their contact details, calling a phone number or purchasing a particular product.

intellibot™ Prodigy

intellibot™ Prodigy is best suited to organisations that want to share information. NGOs and government agencies often fall into this category of users. This type of bot is also well suited to businesses with large product ranges, or which sell complex products or services, as the bots are trained using your data. 

intellibot™ Marvel

intellibot™ Marvel is best suited to organisations with a need for bots capable of more complex tasks, including customer account retrieval, ordering and delivery, handling refunds, invoicing and other functions that previously required human intervention. Often, we’ll custom train a Large Language Model (LLM) for these types of bots.

How quicky will I have my intellibot™?

If the planets align, we’ve had chatbots up and running in 48 hours. Generally, it’ll take around 7-10 days for us the gather the necessary information, build your chatbot and set it up on your website, social pages or messaging channels. We’ll keep you informed every step of the way.

Can I influence how my chatbot looks?

Yes. We’ll ask for your input about colours and the chatbot avatar (image). You can also supply us with items like your logo, product images and descriptions, videos, audio files and other marketing collateral.

Can I edit my chatbot after it's been launched?

You can edit Prodigy and Marvel chatbots via our customer dashboard. However, many chatbots are far more complex than they initially appear to be. intellibot™ is a white-glove “done for you” service, so it’s best to request help from one of our trained chatbot specialists, which is included in your subscription. Warrior chatbots can only be edited by our support team – please ask us!

How do I collect leads from my chatbot?

In most cases, captured leads will be emailed to your nominated address or addresses. intellibot™ Prodigy and Marvel users will also have access to the intellibot™ user portal, where “conversational forms” are built in. The forms store your user information in a spreadsheet or CRM.

What guarantees do you offer?

We guarantee that every chatbot we build will be fit for purpose. That guarantee extends to editing or even rebuilding bots as often as required to ensure that we meet that hurdle. There are MANY variables with effective chatbot design and the science is somewhat inexact. We take that into account with every chatbot we build.

Do you offer a free trial?

No. intellibot™ is an expensive product to set up, configure and deploy. We are unable to offer a free trial of the service.

Are there any differences in the inclusions of monthly and prepaid packages?

No. There are no differences in the inclusions or services. All packages are exactly the same in that regard. 

Do I get a discount for paying annually?

Yes. You will get 12 months of service for the price of 10 months (saving over 15%) by prepaying your monthly service fee. Just select “Prepaid” when checking out.

Do you offer payment options other than Stripe?

All monthly subscriptions must be paid via Stripe. We can accept prepaid annual subscriptions via bank transfer. Please email [email protected] if you wish to arrange this.

Can I cancel my subscription?

All subscriptions have a minimum term of 12 months. You may cancel your subscription at any time after that by providing us with 30 days written notice of your desire to terminate your subscription. You can review our current Service Agreement at any time here: https://intellibot.app/service-agreement/

Is intellibot™ just another ChatGPT?

No. intellibot™ works much like ChatGPT and some of our bots exploit that technology. What’s different is that intellibot™ knows all about the products and services you provide.

How do I get support for my chatbot?

Customer support is included with your monthly or yearly subscription. Simply visit our support page at https://intellibot.app/support/ to request support. If necessary, one of our support agents will even book a Zoom call with you and help via screensharing.

Can I speak to a human before I subscribe?

You bet! We’d be more than happy to discuss your use case for any of our chatbots. Email [email protected] to request a call, or you can book a Zoom call with our founder by following this link: https://calendarhero.to/intellibot

Can you tell me about intellibot™?

intellibot™ is a robotic process automation and artificial intelligence powered chatbot SaaS platform created by Hong Kong registered syllogistic.ai Limited. syllogistic.ai is an IP and technology company founded by Australian accountant and technology entrepreneur, Tony Gavin in 2010. 

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